‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Animated Series Officially Announced!

television-tv-news-and-talkAll the way back to January of this year, a rumor surfaced that Marvel was possibly working on a Guardians of the Galaxy animated series. Then again in June another report happened that showed that a series was possibly in the works. And back in July at Comic-Con this year, Marvel showed some test footage of a Guardians animated series.

As you can see all signs were pointing to this happening. But in August, CBR spoke with Marvel’s VP of Current Animation, Stephen Wacker, who shot down these rumors. So what exactly was going on here?

Well apparently today, Wacker spoke with the New York Times and has completely done a 180 on what he said. He is now saying a Guardians of the Galaxy animated series is heading to Disney XD in 2015. Disney is still looking for their breakout hit series for the XD channel, and they are hoping that the Guardians will be it. (Via CBR)

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